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Relationship to BFCS


Bradford Friendship Choir (BFC) 
was founded as a branch of 
Bradford Festival Choral Society (BFCS).   Since its foundation in 1856, BFCS has always aimed to foster music appreciation, and spread the joy
of singing, in the wider community. 

In Summer 2015, with a grant from Bradford Council, BFCS organised One City, Many Voices, Bradford Sings! as part of the Bradford Festival.  Over a weekend, eleven choirs sang in various venues such as Bradford Interchange,


Waterstones, Kirkgate Market and the Media Museum.  BFCS used part of the grant to provide musical support for refugees and people seeking asylum who met at BIASAN (Bradford Immigration & Asylum Support & Advice Network), who sang at the festival with the support of their singing leader, Caroline Challis.  Caroline continued to work with a group of women at BIASAN, and collected some songs from their countries of origin (

When Caroline moved to Cambridge in April 2016, Fran Wyburn was appointed to succeed her.  In October 2016 Fran started BFC, which has grown and flourished. 


The Trustees of BFCS have overall responsibility for BFC, providing guidance and organisational support.  We were fortunate to receive a grant from the Wharfedale Foundation over the last year as well as financial support from an individual member of BFCS which makes up the shortfalls.  

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